Group of NDIS managed plan clients doing community participation activities

About Our Disability Services​ In Cairns

Holistic Care and Support

We are dedicated to delivering safe and quality services to support a lifestyle of choice and opportunity, delivery of holistic care you can trust.

At Versatile Tailored Care Services (VT CARE) we are true Cairns locals, committed to a lifetime approach by enriching and investing to support people with Disabilities and their families to achieve their goals by promoting independence, helping them find work, assisting with study, community involvement and promoting our participants’ wellbeing.


Our Values

Empowering Cairns Locals

Promote independence by engaging and empowering our participants to make informed decisions in accordance with applicable laws and conventions.

Respect the privacy of our clients

Provide support and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill

We endeavour to act with integrity, honesty and transparency to create trust between our organisation and our clients.

Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against and exploitation, neglect and abuse of clients as stipulated by the guidelines of the NDIS.

At Versatile Tailored Care Services, our experienced team of Registered Nurses, support workers and carers will work and collaborate with your family or Caregiver to implement a Tailored Care Plan to suit your needs. We provide our Cairns participants with access to a range of Nursing/Complex care services to improve quality of life. We provide long and short-term care.

What We Are

We are dedicated care providers in Cairns, ensuring all our clients needs are met and our services are always tailored to specific needs. At VT Care we are committed to leaving a positive impact on you and your loved ones.

Supported Independent Living client outdoors with carer and friends in Cairns
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