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Supported Independent Living Cairns (SIL)

Partner With Us For Your NDIS Support

Supported Independent Living, known as SIL is an NDIS support where Versatile Tailored Care Services partners with you to live as independently as possible in your own home, while building your skills. SIL happens in your home- or a home you share with other Cairns NDIS participants from 2 to 7 participants sometimes with a 24/7 support environment.

Each resident is funded individually and the funding reflects their individual and shared support in the home. VT Care Services will provide you with support with Daily life tasks within your home as a group or individually.

Some of the supports include: Personal care, cooking and preparing meals, administering of medications (oral/ peg/ nasogastric subcutaneous, intravenous & intramuscular).

Cairns Supported Independent Living Services

Below are the Supported Independent Living services we provide:

  • Complex care needs
  • Transport needs into facilities
  • Personal care services
  • Daily living support / assistance
  • Experienced Registered nurse to support staff
  • Transitioning into SDA supported accommodation

What We Are

We are dedicated care providers in Cairns, ensuring all our clients needs are met and our services are always tailored to specific needs. At VT Care we are committed to leaving a positive impact on you and your loved ones.

Supported Independent Living client outdoors with carer and friends in Cairns
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